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Rach (Heart of Rachel)

I'm sure it was a great and fulfilling experience.


very interesting... hmm. something I don't mind watching ;)


magnifique série, j'aime bien les jeux de lumières colorées sur les murs.


It's more like a one-sided battle with the Kanos bombing Intramuros and destroying most of it.:)

Intramuros is still as beautiful, as your photos show.


you really never fades sidney... im still amaze by ur shots


I was surprised how ignorant I am of Manila's history. Thanks for the information and the interesting shots highlighting this festival.


The night light is magical and gives each image a special mood. Nice shots.


Wow, thanks for this little history lesson, I didn't know this.
Looks like a special place.


very nice night shots here and the depiction of manila's history is great as well.

The Nomadic Pinoy

Whenever I see videos of pre-war Manila, I can only sigh at what we've lost during WWII. It nice to see an evening dedicated to arts, music and food!


With your blog... I think I am feeling connected to Philippines.


i honestly haven't explored intramuros that much.. :) these are really very nice images you have here now.. :)


Wonderful series of shots documenting the night, sounds a greta event to have seen

Otto K.

I didn't know that about Manila's history. Does seem like a fascinating and well done tour.


Evenings like that are so wonderful.
Here's to the spirit of Manilla!

dodong flores

I must agree. The experience is so wonderful. I can see that in your photos. I can't wait to be joining his next walking tour :D


Je ne savais pas que Manille avait tant souffert ! un bel hommage !


Bel hommage à l'histoire de ce pays et à ces habitants .Jolies prises nocturnes

Patricia & Amber

Really nice pictures you have (✿ ◠ ‿ ◠) ❤


bien mort this area of Manilla .. it is a pity!! i was so surprised to dicover this reality at the fisrt time i visited this historical part of the town, so surprised, never so dead !

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